LOCAL writer Sue Johnson will be signing copies of her latest poetry collection, Threads: spinning the web of time in Quilters Corner, Oat Street, Evesham.

And it’s all down a chance encounter with and old sewing machine, which took Sue on a poetic stroll down Memory Lane, with a stitch or two in time.

A spokesman said: “Sue was inspired to create the collection when she called into Quilters Corner on a wet Saturday in March 2018 and came face to face with a German-made Naumann sewing machine similar to one owned by her great-grandmother.”

Right there was the inspiration Sue needed.

Sue added: “Quilters Corner is an inspirational place. There are beautiful fabrics, lace and buttons.

“The owner, Charlie Gannon, runs sewing workshops twice a week and I very much hope to get to one of them soon.”

The signing takes place today, Thursday April 4, from 10.30am to noon.