Evesham will have Dire Streets this weekend, as a tribute act prepares to blast out Sultans of Swing and other memorable hits, for a strutting stroll down Memory Lane.

And although it's the legendary Dire Straits being celebrated, headbands and pink suits will not be compulsory.

A spokesman added: "Dire Streets bring to life the classic songs of one of the world’s greatest guitar bands with a level of musicianship and attention to detail that makes them the stand out Dire Straits tribute in the UK.

"The two-hour theatre show at Evesham Arts Centre includes faithful renditions of classic studio tracks along with extended live versions from some of the legendary Dire Straits concerts."

The spokesman added: "For the best part of a decade, Dire Streets have performed Dire Straits’ incredible back catalogue to thousands of theatre-goers across the UK.

"No other Dire Streets tribute act comes as close to reproducing Mark Knopfler’s distinctive guitar and vocal tones."

Dire Streets will perform this Saturday, April 13, from 7.30pm.

Tickets: 01386 446944.