A PERSHORE student had her golden moment of glory at Buckingham Palace.

Lowri Harper, from Pershore, travelled to Buckingham Palace on May 29, to receive her Duke of Edinburgh gold award.

And during the trip she had chance to rub shoulders with celebrities including former royal correspondent Jenni Bond, the Earl of Wessex and Marvin Humes from JLS.

The 23-year-old, who has Down's Syndrome and was born with two holes in her heart., is a student at National Star College, a specialist college for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties based near Cheltenham.

“Receiving my certificate was the best part of the day and having my brother David there was great,” said Lowri.

“I met Jennie and Marvin was there as well as quite a few famous people including the nice gentleman who knew who I was from the newspaper article and my floral top and bright clothes. I felt proud I had chosen my outfit myself.”

Lowri started her Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards at National Star and has completed all three levels in just three years.

For her parents Denise Price and John Harper it has been a long journey from that premature baby girl who died twice while in hospital. John also had to resuscitate her once at home.

As a baby she was very poorly and spent a great deal of time in hospital.

Now she is in final year at National Star where she studies creative and performing arts. Her dream is to be a dancer.

“The hardest part of the day was being in the sun for so long," Lowri said.

"I ended up with a nice red mark on my neck but my top protected my arms,” said Lowri.

“We drove home after through the heavy London traffic and went for a meal to finish the day It was a very tiring day, but very worthwhile.”

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