Café Capriccio is an acoustic group that celebrates the music and culture of European Café Society.

And the good news is, they are coming to The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury.

A spokesman said: “The café culture goes back centuries, when the great thinkers, poets, philosophers, artists and even the revolutionaries of France would gather in their local café to debate, share and plot.

“Art and history were shaped at the tables of these cafés while musicians wandered from café to café or performed on a small stage inside.”

The spokesman added: “The music played is often free in form and lively, a ‘caprice’, with the occasional melancholic piece thrown in for variety.”

In the line-up will be Paul Johnson on clarinet; Carole Marshall on saxophones; Mike Sallis and bass /guitars; Peter Grogan on guitar and Nathan King on mandolin and bass.

The date for the diary is Sunday, October 6, at 3pm – a time of day when, no doubt, thousands of people all over the continent will be enjoying a cup at a café.

All proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to The Roses.

For tickets, call the box office on 01684 295074.

For general enquiries, email