My Life by Peter Marshall. Our speaker on 12th September 2019 once again demonstrated the very diverse nature of the Evesham Probus membership by telling us about his family, work and life experiences. Peter told us about his immediate family and their interesting occupations which included an aircraft designer; a ship’s captain and Pilot on the Humber river; a teacher; a chief fire officer who later became master of the Hull workhouse! His father Horatio was an architect for Hull City Council and during WW2 he was made responsible for the maintenance and repair of all RAF airfields in the UK. After overcoming some early difficulties at school, Peter went on to study NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) at University and this subsequently became his career working in electronics. His job entailed him travelling extensively and included work on nuclear subs in Holy Loch, where he was once challenged at gun point! He became a successful marksman from age 16 but had to give up shooting after perforating his eardrum in competition aged 19. He still suffers with tinnitus to this day! Peter married Elizabeth Tayler (no not that one) in 1968. After US asset strippers closed his company down (a very successful business) and being unsuccessful in trying to start up a new business in the UK, Peter took up freelance photography, incidentally his mother had previously worked for Kodak. He had been a keen photographer since the age of 13. He specialised in same sex weddings after the law was changed and this was a great success. Peter is very grateful to the NHS for the treatment he has received after two major health scares in his later life. He retired in 2016 and celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2018. In his own words he has “Had a good life up to date”! We meet at 10:00 every Thursday at The Boathouse, Evesham Rowing Club. Full details can be found on our website Richard Lawrence