A siege has been "resolved" at a Worcestershire prison after a group of inmates caused a disturbance in part of a building, a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman has said.

Ten inmates caused staff to retreat from a wing of HMP Long Lartin on Tuesday evening while damaging part of the building.

Prison staff were attacked with pool balls and one officer went to hospital after indirectly sustaining an injury in the incident.

A specialist unit of prison officers, known as a Tornado Team, were sent to the Category A prison in an attempt to restore order.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman told the PA news agency that the incident had been "resolved" and further details would be provided later.

Prison Officers' Association general secretary Steve Gillan had tweeted earlier: "At moment we do not know all the facts but we fully support all our members at Long Lartin who are clearly facing a difficult evening with a disturbance."

HMP Long Lartin is one of five high-security "dispersal" establishments and holds some of the most dangerous offenders in the country.

The high-security prison has the capacity for 622 inmates and is believed to currently hold around 500.

According to a 2018 report into the prison following a serious disturbance involving 81 prisoners, around 75 per cent of the inmates were serving life sentences.

A quarter of all inmates were classed as Category A or high-security offenders.