Labour Party candidate for Mid Worcestershire, Helen Russell, has given her support to a national campaign calling for an end to the continued cuts to funding for schools and has called on the other local candidates to follow her lead.

She has signed the national ‘Stop the Schools Cuts’ election pledge, where she has committed, if elected MP, to fighting for every school to have the adequate funding it needs to deliver a high-quality education for every child.

Ms Russell said: "National Education Union figures relating to the Evesham area, show that of the 29 first, middle and high schools, all but one have suffered significant cuts to their budgets over the five years from 2015 to next April, 2020.

"In the large high schools the cumulative loss of funding is a massive £2.1 million for De Montfort, and £1.2 million for Prince Henry’s.

"This represents cuts per pupil of £487 and £239 respectively. The figures suggest that while the sums lost in first schools sound smaller, the impact on the quality of education will have been equally severe."

Ms Russell, who previously worked for the school teachers union the NASUWT, added: “The figures speak for themselves – some of the hardest hit schools serve the most disadvantaged local areas, where education can make the biggest difference to children’s life chances.

"That is why Labour is committed to reversing these past cuts and investing in our future by properly resourcing education and other public services.

"If they are serious about stopping the cuts the local candidates will join me in signing the Stop the Schools Cuts pledge.”