A BIG-HEARTED artist has created 'isolation illustrations', giving her art away in return for charity donations in the fight against coronavirus.

Olivia Parson of Wichenford, near Worcester was working fulltime for a property development firm in London before she was furloughed during the coronavirus crisis two weeks ago.

The 26-year former King's Worcester student has been isolating at her parents' home where she decided to create her own 'isolation illustrations', teaching herself new techniques on website Skillshare. The project gained impetus when she fainted on the driveway, knocking out three of her front teeth (she has had no front teeth for the last six weeks) and began painting the bouquet given to her after the accident. Miss Parson had not created any art work since finishing her A-Levels but, after receiving positive feedback about her work, set up up an Instagram page for specifically for them - @isolation.illustrations.

She now does commissions in exchange for a donation to a charity of their choice helping with Covid-19. She asks for proof that a donation has been made which has ranged from £20 to £500, including to Worcester Foodbank.

She said: "So far I have done 26 illustrations and raised £1,350 for charity, with another 30 commissions to do. I have had more requests but had to put a pause on new ones for the time being. "This is a wonderfully humbling initiative on numerous levels: bringing nature and art to people's screens when they cannot experience it physically, making something positive from a challenging time, and raising awareness of the many charities and individuals who are doing such incredible work to support people during this time."

So far she has sent a piece to Australia, another to her firm's chief executive and a family friend who was so impressed she asked for a second illustration. The abstract pieces use watercolour and ink. Some have made specific requests for the themes of the illustrations and others have left this to Miss Parson's imagination.