A YOUNG woman says she intends to train to become a nurse after being inspired by those who cared for her when she had emergency surgery at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Anna Hill, from Warndon Villages in Worcester, had to have emergency surgery in October last year after suffering from painful ulcerative colitis and was given an ileostomy, which is where the small bowel is diverted through an opening in the stomach. She now needs a permanent bag to collect waste products.

Anna, aged 21, said: “I went through quite a tough time before being diagnosed and before receiving any treatment. It was very hard for me to leave the house some days due to being so poorly. I am probably one of few people to get told they are going to have emergency surgery for an ileostomy and be really excited to have it done. I was excited to have my life back and be able to complete my degree without any worry of having to take time out when I was poorly.

“I have now decided to change career and study to become a nurse as I want to give the same care I received to others who need it.”

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Anna suddenly became ill back in 2017, where she spent six weeks going back and forth to the doctors with sickness, bleeding and extreme fatigue.

She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis - a long-term condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed - after a colonoscopy at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

She was prescribed steroids and the drug intravenous infliximab, which worked for a while but then the dose had to be doubled as it stopped being effective.

During her second year at University of South Wales she spent most of her time coming back home for treatment. She was expected to repeat a year of her course, but within a week of coming home Anna was using her laptop to catch up with the work she had missed.

She has recently completed her policing degree against great odds.

She said: “My inspiration came from the fact that I was determined to finish my degree and come out with a good result. I also was inspired by the nurses at Worcestershire Royal Hospital who helped me through all of my treatment and care before and after the surgery. I am so thankful that I had emergency surgery because ever since I woke up from the surgery, I have felt amazing and I am able to leave the house without worrying.”

“All of the care I received at Worcester Royal Hospital was fantastic, the staff couldn't have been more friendly and caring.”

Mum Sarah Russell said: “It was all a big shock for a young woman with her life in front of her.

“I'm so proud of her, and what’s more, she has now decided to do another degree at Worcester University where she’s been given an unconditional offer of a place.

“She decided to do this because she was so impressed with the care she received at Worcestershire Royal during her many times in there for treatment. She wants to help others in the way she was helped.

“She's never once said 'why me' and is always cheerful even though she had a two hour online exam on her 21st birthday recently.”

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