A SCHOOL caretaker has been nominated for the Unsung Hero Award as part of this year’s Worcestershire Education Awards.

Dave Crook, who is a new member at Kempsey Primary School, has “already made such a big impact” since joining the team.

Charlotte Graham, who submitted the nomination, said: “Dave is our school caretaker and he never hesitates to help any member of staff when they need it. You only need to ask once and he is there with his trusty tools to fix or repair. Before you know it the job has been done!

“He is smiley, friendly and always says hello. No time is a bad time as he always listens to your request and responds honestly and quickly.

“He is very much a valuable part of the Kempsey Primary family.”


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Mr Crook said: "It's a pleasure; it's a really nice environment to work in'. Thank you so much for the nomination."

Ms Graham added: “I have asked him numerous times to help me out with certain bits in my classroom - from putting up display boards to fixing a table leg and each task is completed perfectly. Dave is extremely pro-active and will not shy away from taking the initiative to complete a task independently or without direction.

“Dave has made a massive difference to the site of our school as he takes so much pride in his work.

“Jobs are completed in a timely manner and he never hesitates to help out a member of staff and no task is too big or too small for him to complete.

“He is upfront and honest about how long a job might take and he is always spot on.

“Dave cares about the children’s’ learning environment and takes pride in the work that he does. He has made several items that are now adorning our walls at school which shows just how much Dave cares about this school.

“Dave goes above and beyond for the school by taking the time to care about our wonderful, growing primary school. No job is too big or too small and he always completes his work with a smile on his face.

“It’s lovely to be greeted by Dave in the morning with a smile and cheery welcome and know that the school is looking top notch.”

The education awards ceremony was originally scheduled for June 25, however has now been confirmed to take place on October 21 at University Arena in Worcester.