LOCAL photographer Angela Fitch recently completed her two-year personal photography project, 2020 Women of Vision, a collection of environmental portraits of women.

The exhibition formally opened on March 8 – International Women’s Day – at Worcester’s Hive.

The collection was well received and was scheduled to make a return visit to The Hive in May and then tour venues across Worcestershire over the coming 12 months.

The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown put all this on hold but Angela has put the time to good use, collating the biographies of the 2020 Women of Vision alongside the images and creating A Little Book of Inspiration: 2020 Women of Vision.

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Angela said: "I was really lucky to get the opening exhibition and private view under my belt before we went into lockdown and I’m confident that Evesham’s Regal and The Jinney Ring Craft Centre at Hanbury will do their best to find me a spot sometime in the future.

"A Little Book of Inspiration: 2020 Women of Vision, is something that I hadn’t really planned on doing, but the stories behind the images are truly amazing and it seemed a pity to simply crate up the images for who knows how long.

"So often we hear stories of young women who need just a little nudge to help them to recognise their true potential.

"I hope women from all walks of life will be inspired by the 2020 women, who also come from all sorts of social and academic backgrounds and have faced many of their own challenges in turning dreams into reality.”

Angela hopes that the 2020 Women of Vision tour will be back on track when the current lockdown eases, but for anyone who can’t wait that long A Little Book Of Inspiration: 2020 Women of Vision, is available to buy from amazon.co.uk or by emailing angela@angelafitchphotography.co.uk