BADSEY veteran amateur film makers Will and John Dallimore have used their lockdown time in making short comedy films for the entertainment of the villagers.

Over the past seven weeks the brothers have filmed a weekly short comedy film in their back garden.

Will said: "We film them on a Wednesday, edit them on the Thursday and put them up on the village's Facebook page on the Friday."

They have been limited with their story lines as there is just the two of them, but Will says: "The subject of most of our films has been slapstick comedy with a circus theme running through it."

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The Badsey pair, who are members of a movie makers club in Tewkesbury, aim to try to continue with their weekly routine, however as Will says, "With lockdown easing, and the problem of finding new ideas for films becoming harder, it could be that we'll do a few more then move on to something new."

The Dallimore brothers' films can be seen on the will dallimore YouTube channel.