A COUPLE with hearts of gold have been putting their extra time in lockdown to good use, making and selling hearts made out of copper.

Jack Brindley, of JWB Plumbing in Dumbleton, Evesham teamed up with girlfriend Annabelle Lucy May, to launch Copper Hearts, A Cotswold Company.

Mr Brindley said he was inspired to create the copper hearts to give to neighbours as a symbol of unity within the community, and put them in their gardens at the height of lockdown in early April.

“We began creating our copper hearts during the Covid-19 crisis to give as gifts to show unity and solidarity with our neighbours,” Mr Brindley said.

“Through the powers of social media, people began asking how much they were.

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“It was then that we launched ‘Copper Hearts – A Cotswold Company.

“We pride ourselves on our high-quality finishes.

“There is a powerful message these hearts carry.”

Mr Brindley added they had become more and more popular, with lots of people buying the hearts and sharing them online.

"You may also have seen them on people’s houses too,” he said

“They are not like birthday cards you throw away after a week, or flowers that die. With these hearts you can give them and they have them to keep.”

The original hearts being made by the plumber have developed into various designs over the weeks, including floating hearts, heart towers, a heart reflection, baby hearts and even a heart wine holder for wine lovers.

For more details visit copperhearts.co.uk or JWB Plumbing on Facebook.