THESE are the cases heard at Worcester Crown Court this week.

It was heard that Joanne Darling, 52, had told a “pack of lies and falsehoods” to police - over a five year period up to March 2018 - about her ex-partner including that he raped her, stalked her, had tried to kill her, had a gun, and lied to his employer's HR that he had slept with the employer’s wife.

While Andrew Davison was prosecuting there was a sudden commotion in the dock as Darling appeared to pass out, and court staff helped her while she lay flat on the floor.

The case was adjourned and after an ambulance arrived 30 minutes after being called, paramedics treated her so that the case could resume.

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A 55-year-old man has been sentenced to serve nine years for firearms offences following an incident which saw shots fired by police.

Edward Mark Williams, from Malvern, was sentenced on Friday following an incident in Bromsgrove on November 2018, when police were called to reports of a man with a handgun.

Williams appeared for sentencing at Worcester Crown Court after previously pleading guilty.

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