Children from Tewkesbury are doing their bit this Easter to save valuable aluminium from landfill by recycling their Easter egg foil packaging.

Local community group, The Birches Day Centre based in Tewkesbury, are asking local children to save all the foil packaging from their Easter Eggs, to boost recycling rates and help raise funds for the group.

Ruth Meeke, Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) programme manager said: “Recycling Easter Egg foil and other aluminium packaging is easy – just rinse any items like foil trays and take all of your recycling to one of the recycling banks situated around Tewkesbury.

“Remember - items like crisp packets look like aluminium but are actually plastic - if you’re not sure, take the scrunch test. Just scrunch the packet up in your fist and if it springs back, it cannot be recycled, if it stays scrunched it is!”

“Recycling aluminium and other metal packaging delivers big environmental benefits – metal packaging can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality, saving over 95% of the energy used to make it from raw material.”

Recycling banks can be found at: • Spring Gardens Car Park, Tewkesbury; • Morrisons Recycle Point, Tewkesbury; • Co-op Supermarket Car Park, Northway; • Mitton Shops Car Park; • Wheatpieces Recycle Point; • Co-op Recycle Point, Tewkesbury; • Tesco Recycle Point, Bishops Cleeve; • Tewkesbury Borough Council Office; • The Birches Day Centre, Station Road,Tewkesbury.

The Birches Day Centre supports adults with learning disabilities to work with local businesses, schools and clubs to collect and process aluminium foil and other metal packaging to raise funds for the community group. The recycling banks are emptied regularly by the group, who then sort and compact the aluminium before it is sold for recycling.

Working in partnership with the Alupro, The Birches Day Centre has raised funds to develop new learning programmes and community services.

Aluminium and other metal packaging for recycling can also be taken directly to the The Birches AOC, Station Road in Tewkesbury. The group can be contacted on: 01684 293 096.