GLOUCESTERSHIRE county councillors look confident that they will successfully fight off a High Court injunction as they forge ahead with their Big Community Offer.

Plans for 17 community groups to take over libraries and youth centres throughout Gloucestershire look set for approval.

An official report recommending the schemes is to go before Gloucestershire County Council cabinet members next week. Of the 17 schemes being approved, two include plans for the provision of youth services at Bourton and Winchcombe.

Leader of the county council Mark Hawthorne said: “These 17 business plans demonstrate how serious communities are about taking on these buildings.

“Each of these projects is different and has been designed to fit the local community it serves and I am confident they can be a big success.”

At the same time, council officials are preparing to meet protesters in the High Court after the county council was served with an injunction stopping library closures until Friday next week.

One of the protesters who forced a judicial review, Demelza Jones said: “The county council are saying that everyone is delighted about taking over services but some of the very same people are supporting our injunction and we have even received donations to fight the closures.

“The communities have been left with an ultimatum and are worried that they will be left without any other provision.”

Any decisions taken next week regarding library buildings will not be implemented until the conclusion of legal proceedings, according to the county council press office.