A BUSINESS has suffered a ‘huge financial loss’ after a burglary.

A burglary at The Village Shop, Bishampton, caused serious damage and had an emotional impact on staff.

The shop's staff posted a notice in the shop window that read: “We are working as hard as we can to get the shop back to ‘normal’ following the break in on Monday morning.

"There was significant damage to the shop as well as a huge financial loss to the business.

"Unfortunately we are unable to offer any post office services at this time, until the post office deem this site safe and secure enough to operate. We are truly sorry and are aware that this will inconvenience a lot of you, but this is out of our control.

"Please appreciate that this is a difficult and emotional time for the staff, and we may feel uncomfortable talking about it.

"Thank you for your understanding and all your concern. We really appreciate all the support from the village and beyond. See you soon, Zoe and Anna.”

During the burglary that occurred around 12.30am on Monday, June 24,

A large side window of the shop was broken to gain access during the robbery at around 12.30am. There was a lot of shattered glass around and the post office counter was damaged.

Police were called and a forensics team was sent to the shop.

Officers say a 4x4, possibly a Discovery, was used in the burglary. It is understood that the vehicle left in the direction of Broad Lane towards Evesham. However, it may have entered the village from another direction.

The shop closed temporarily but is now open at reduced hours, opening from 9am until 12pm on weekends and 9am until 2pm on week days.

Officers urge anyone who has CCTV in and around the village to check it for 4x4 type vehicles around the time of the burglary and email bishamptonnw@gmail.com or contact police on 101.

Many residents have posted messages of support for the shop staff on Bishampton Village Facebook group.