A NEW author has published a book that explores corruption, conspiracies and the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

Jane Williams, from Pershore has spent 15 years researching 'The Children of the Universe, a book of Disclosure and Survival.'
Ms Williams said: "It is a book for today, it exposes corruption behind the government. The whole book is geared towards connecting data as regards to what we are told in plain sight."

Ms Williams says: "The books main message focuses on bringing the layman up to a point of understanding that the powers behind governments and the secret ruling powers ultimately are not human and have extra-terrestrial origins. The book fully describes our E.T. infiltration and exposes the truth about this which has been withheld from the people.

Written in four parts, the author explains how humanity has been hijacked and mind controlled, placed in a global system with an agenda that serves others and does not have the interests of the people at heart.  I think we are seeing this, especially during this 21st century with all the chaos in politics, wars, poverty and economic crises which are placed on us and ultimately created by governments."

The book is  available at Sedgeberrow Books in the High Street,
Pershore and also directly available from the author herself on
07593798239 or by emailing: daisychain6666@gmail.com.