Eddie the Eagle made an appearance at school young to inspire young sportsmen and women.

Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie the Eagle is patron for the charity (CASS) & Friends. The De Montfort School in Evesham was excited to host him for a day.

Three young sportsmen who attend the school are supported by the charity. Callum Jennings, a fisherman, Edd Bragg, a cricketer and Mitchell Leeming a darts player. Callum is a silver medalist at last year’s World Championships in Italy and Mitchell has qualified for the darts World Championships in Gibraltar this year. Edd plays for Worcester County Cricket Club.

Eddie ran two school assemblies telling the children a little about his dreams of going to the Olympics at aged 8, and how he achieved it through sheer grit and determination, being resilient, tenacious and never ever giving up, eating out of bins in order to save money and have an extra few days skiing before his money ran out.

He then answered questions from the pupils and signed autographs. He had many selfies taken with them, as well as a few with teachers.

Born in Cheltenham, Eddie learnt to ski at his local dry ski slope. At the 1988 Winter Olympics he became the first competitor since 1928 to represent Great Britain in ski jumping. Eddie has since become famous for his determination to represent his country without any form of funding.

Cotswolds Athlete Support Scheme (CASS) & Friends was set up by Fiona Carter and Michael Deakin in 2015 to offer financial support to young aspiring athletes in the Cotswolds.