A BRAVE woman whose mother died after having dementia is shaving her head for charity.

Angie Witchard is going to Styler in Evesham to have her head shaved in honour of her late mother who died from a complication due to the long term debilitating condition of dementia. She is donating all the money she collects to Dementia UK and is donating her hair to Little Princess Trust.

Angie Witchard said: "I am braving the shave on 7th August in memory of my mum, Daphne Jarvis, on her would be 75th birthday. However, she had Frontotemporal Dementia and sadly died in April 2019 after a fall in her care home due to a suspected stroke, that meant she never regained consciousness."

"She was my best friend and we did everything together until she went into the home. She would have been 75 on 7th August and we always did something special on her birthdays. We have been on a stream train ride, had barbecues, gone to theme parks and the seaside. However, this year she can’t be with me so I have decided to brave the shave for the disease that stole her from me far too soon and incredibly cruelly, knowing that she would be proud of me."

"Dementia UK offers support in the form of admiral nurses to the families of those living with dementia, as it is commonly known that it is not just the person with dementia who is living with the condition."

"My hair will grow back but I cannot get back the years I lost my mum to dementia."

Dementia care isn’t easy. Caring for a person with it is difficult. In fact, caring is one of the most difficult undertakings that anyone can imagine.