Rev Elvis, Andy Kelso, has finally come to the end of the road with his Elvis Presley Gospel Tribute Act.

He set out in 2011 after twenty five years as a Vicar and eight years as Chaplain to Worcester Warriors and found himself spread all over the tabloids.

Rev Kelso, from Throckmorton has travelled all over the UK including many trips to Belfast, the most amazing being one in February 2014 on a peace mission to bring Catholics and Protestants together. He walked the whole Peace Line as Elvis and sang some songs, inviting people to a concert in aid of The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice. The concert saw Catholics and Protestants sitting together, raising over £4000.

Andy's has been going to churches inviting them to put on one of his concerts and invite members of the community along to build bridges between church and community.

He's even sung in Austria, Greece and The Gambia. He's recorded six CD's and written a book called "A Most Unusual Journey", as well as making a DVD called "Finding Elvis".

Andy has been an attraction at the Plum Festival and at his local Throckmorton Fete. But this year will be his last performance there, Sunday September 1st 1.00 - 4.00pm.

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