A VILLAGE has singed up to an initiative to help residents protect their property from criminals.

Wyre Piddle has taken part in We Don’t Buy Crime, a West Mercia Police initiative which aims to reduce the market for stolen goods and aims to protect homes and possessions.

Working alongside SmartWater to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime, every residential property has been offered the opportunity to mark their possessions with SmartWater free of charge.

Additionally, many events have been arranged in order to distribute SmartWater kits. Each kit is unique to each household, whilst providing an easy-to-apply forensic coding system for valuables. Items that are marked can be returned if recovered, and almost anything can be marked such as cars, boats, caravans, jewellery etc.

Furthermore, Wyre Piddle now has a Neighbourhood Watch scheme which is run by Lew Searle, with notices around the village to warn criminals that they are being watched.

The local police have supported these initiatives and are also monitoring the bridge at the Eastern side of the village for motorists who break the law and jump any traffic lights to cross the bridge which is only to be used by cyclists, buses and emergency vehicles.

Jenny Wilks stated: “Working together the community, the Parish Council and the police are making the village a safer place to live.”