A COUPLE who met through their love of farming are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

Cass Brace 83 and Godfrey Brace 87 met at young farmers in Bromsgrove.

60 years later, the pair still share a love of the outdoors. Their daughter Heather Stearman said: “They both have a great love of gardening, and are now enjoying their time with their grandchildren."

"Best wishes on your special day, lots of love from all the family.”

The Braces lived in Bromsgrove for many years until they moved to Alfrick in the 70s.

They lived there for more than 30 years and they have lived in Pershore for the past 10 years.

Godfrey worked at British Leyland which became the Rover Group, for many years until his retirement in 1992. There he worked on Mini’s Metro’s and other cars.

Before this he worked on the land which is how he came to meet Cass, and he also worked as a bus driver for many years.

After working as a secretary at an estate agents before she got married, Cass founded a play group in the mid 70’s, with other mums in Leigh and Branford which was very successful and ran for many years.

Cass has also volunteered at Worcester Wheels, a mobility charity that provides transport to disabled people in Worcestershire. She helped out in the office and also worked as a volunteer driver.

The couple have three children, Heather, Ian and Kevin, and three grand children.