A THREE year old girl has a mystery condition that has never been seen before.

Poppy, from Evesham has a duplication of a chromosome that doctors understand, but she also has a deletion of a chromosome which has never been seen before in any child.

Poppy's mum Katy Smith said: "Due to her condition, she doesn't walk, doesn't talk much and as it's never been seen before so we don't know what she will be able to achieve and what she won't."

Ms Smith would like to raise money so she can give back to Poppy's school which is a special needs school.

Ms Smith said: "The school has been incredibly by supporting us and helping get her special shoes which cost over £100 a pair, and special equipment to try and support her in her life. Not only will my little girl benefit but hundreds of others."

To donate visit gofundme.com/f/poppy039s-school-fund