A CHRISTMAS tree that was part of a charity appeal has been vandalised, which leaves the town council to pay for the repair of the lights.

Photos of the Christmas tree on Broad Street in Pershore have circulated online with one post calling it an ‘embarrassment’ and ‘only half decorated,’ with many residents voicing their disappointment in the towns tree which seems to be only half covered in lights.

However,after inspecting the tree Pershore Town Council have confirmed the bottom half of the tree’s lights have been vandalised. Police have been informed. Evesham Journal understands that the town council hopes to have the lights repaired before the weekend.

This is not the first time the town’s Christmas tree has been vandalised. The town council will have to pay to have the lights mended, a spokesman from the council said it was a "great shame."

The tree was donated by local business Timothy Lea as part of a charity appeal organised by Pershore Rotary Club which encourages people and businesses to remember a loved one by sponsoring the tree.

The money raised through this year’s 'Tree of Light' appeal has gone to St Richard’s Hospice which offers free end of life care to people in Worcestershire, Midlands Air Ambulance and Pershore Rotary Grant Scheme (PROGS).

PROGS make donations to local good causes such as the local Boy Scouts who recently received a grant to update their kitchen.

The decorations on the tree are usually funded by the town council but residents have suggested the community take part in decorating or funding a tree next year.

George Manchester said: "Instead of moaning you should be thanking the people who donated it!"

Maria Iride Morelli said: “It would be a fun project if people could put an ornament each on it. It might look better and be a community tree?”

Holly Buckland said: “Can’t we all create a day where the town brings their own decorations, and anyone can put them on the tree for free with someone else stood with a bucket to take donations for next year's tree.

"Maybe then you can give if you can afford it and want to and if not, you can still take part.”