A WINDFARM with up to ten turbines could be built north of Evesham as part of a multi-million pound project by developers Scottishpower Renewables.

Plans have been unveiled for a windfarm to be built in the area around Church Lench, Harvington, Norton and Lenchwick.

Each turbine, which would be 125 metres tall, (410ft) when the blade is at its highest, would generate up to 20 mega watts of electricity for 9,000 homes and supply energy to the national grid.

The proposals are in the very early stages and Scottishpower Renewables said it would be years before any work, subject to planning processes, would begin.

Spokesman Derek Christie said: “There is potential for a windfarm. We have strong targets to get as much renewable energy in to our homes and address climate change.”

Three public information days will be held for residents to ask questions and find out more about the plans.

The first will be held at Harvington First School on Tuesday, November 4 from 3pm to 8pm. Another will take place on Wednesday, November 5 at Norton and Lenchwick Village Hall from 1pm to 6pm followed by another at Church Lench Village Hall on Thursday, November 6 from 2pm until 6pm.

Mr Christie added: “We like to be up front and get people involved and get opinions from those in and around the area.You can’t beat local knowledge.

“We are very much at the start of a consultation process.”

Vale MP Peter Luff said on-shore wind schemes were controversial and a scheme like this would have to be backed by the local community.

He said: “If there are sites that are acceptable to the local community for on-shore wind I would be very pleased because we need to increase the generation of renewable sources.

“But the developers will be lucky to find a site in that area, which has a high environmental value and is densely populated. We will have to wait and see what local people make of it.”