I SEE that details of the proposed Wind Farm in the Lenches are fully explained in this week’s Journal (October 30). What is not explained is that the data reported is nowhere near the truth.

1 The capacity from the turbines to supply 9,000 homes is true, but the reality is very different. A wind turbine only operates in exposed coastal and hill areas such as Cornwall or the Yorkshire Dales at 25 per cent capacity and in lowland agricultural areas such as Hertfordshire at seven per cent capacity. So the electricity flow from these turbines is not the 9,000 homes at full capacity but is truthfully likely to be nearer 600 - 700 homes.

2 They have very limited use as they rely upon wind power. Every day the wind is less than 5mph they don’t work. They really need 10mph to even get moving. So all the days they don’t work, electricity is required from the standard fossil power stations. If you watch set ups of nine turbines even in windy weather for operational reasons they are never all working, usually there will only be anything from four to a maximum six operating.

3 The chairman of the parish council is incorrect in comparing them to pylons. There are two differences. The first is the noise of the turbines through the air which, for houses nearby, will be a critical issue and the second is the safety risk for people and houses in the area due to the possibility of ice particles being thrown off the turbines in cold windy weather.

4 The only people who can gain are the land owners who make money by agreeing to set up the turbines on their land and Government by massaging their Green reputation. Everyone else loses as the electricity companies pay a higher rate for wind turbine power, when it is available, so we all pay higher electricity bills.

BRYAN MCGINITY, Court Barn, Bishampton, Pershore.