DOCTORS in Hagley say a proposed 61-bed care home would be 'catastrophic' for the already 'overstretched' village surgery.

Hagley Surgery has objected to the proposal, which would see a Cinnamon care home built on land off Bennett Drive, claiming the influx of new patients would be 'detrimental' to the practice's ability to deliver effective care to its patients.

The care home, which could feature a cafe, cinema and hair salon, would be built on a site previously earmarked for commercial use as part of the Cala Homes development, approved in 2013.

Dr David Richards, from Hagley Surgery, said: "Our patient population has increased dramatically in the last three years - partly due to the Cala Homes and other developments, but also due to the impending closure of the Norton practice.

"In general care home patients often have quite complicated medical histories and a number of medical conditions and are often quite unwell.

"Hagley Surgery looks after a number of patients in care homes and we're quite happy to do so, but they require quite a lot of time and resources compared to other patients.

"Unlike with the recent Cala Homes development, where we were able to use financial support from the developers to increase the size of the surgery building, this wouldn't be feasible for a care home of this size because generally all their care is based at the care home, which takes a considerable time out of our day.

"At a time of reducing resources, it becomes difficult to meet the demand."

A letter from three of the surgery's doctors to Bromsgrove District Council described the potential impact on the surgery as 'catastrophic' and 'devastating', adding that patients already found it difficult to get an appointment.

Hagley Parish Council chairman Steve Colella said: "The health practice to which Hagley belongs to is already understaffed by several doctors and having such a massive intensive care home need would mean a near disaster for the village.

"I don’t think people realise the problems that such a development will have on local doctor services, resulting in further delays in getting to see your GP.

"We unanimously support the doctors' objections."

A spokesman for the applicant's agent GVA said: “The CCG has been informed by the surgery that a further extension to the existing GP premises would not be needed to accommodate the maximum number of additional patients - 61 - that the proposals would generate.

“Furthermore, the CCG has raised no objections to the planning application.”

GVA's planning statement says the site would deliver 'much needed care and accommodation' for elderly residents in the district.

A spokesman for the local Clinical Commissioning Group said: “The CCG is encouraging practices to work together to provide strengthened resilience and sustainability and also offers additional payment to practices who are looking after care homes.

“We would like to reassure patients that all practices are regularly monitored by the CCG to ensure they continue to provide a safe, good quality service.”