CHILDREN at Charford First School took part in a mass 'floss' to campaign for more funding for schools.

More than 100 pupils and teachers took part in the 'floss for funding' event, which was organised by the school's Parents and Friends Association vice-chairman Jo Evans, who is also a teacher in Bromsgrove.

Mum-of-two Jo, aged 43, said: "Funding is being cut and cut and cut to education. I'm a parent and teacher so I can see from both sides how it is effecting our children.

"The flossing is taking place all over the country today to fight against the cuts.

"The children at Charford absolutely loved it - they said we should floss every Friday."

Cllr Chris Bloore, ward member for Charford, added: "Schools like Charford First School are losing tens of thousands of pounds every year.

"That means fewer teachers and support staff in our classrooms. Headteachers and governors are doing all they can but they need funding not cuts.

"This morning we had a great turnout to floss for funding, it was a lot of fun. But cuts to education aren't funny and MPs like our own Sajid Javid need to act now.

"Our children and parents deserve so much better."

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid was approached for comment.