A STALKER repeatedly tried to contact his victim despite warnings from the police not to get in touch with them.

Magistrates in Worcester heard how John Irish, 61, of Jamaica Crescent, Malvern, had been warned by police not to make contact with the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, after they went to the police following repeated messages from him.

Despite this, Irish sent an Instagram message in early February to the victim saying: "I am destroyed".

He then received a letter from the police on February 17 advising him not to get in touch again.

On February 22, he sent an email to the victim, breaching the police instructions he had been given.

The court heard how Irish did not accept that any contact prior to January 10 this year was considered harassment as he and the victim had been close prior to the contact.

Representing Irish, Mark Lister said: "It is an unfortunate case as he and the complainant had what he believed to be a close friendship.

"For reasons he does not understand, that went sour.

"The defendant provided Whatsapp messages and texts showing that prior to all this, it was friendly.

"On February 22, he received notification that the complainant had raised a grievance against him.

"He then sent the email to the complainant, which he should not have done.

"He does not understand why the friendship has broken down."

Mr Lister also told the court how Irish had suffered a "serious head injury" on December 14, which he said affected his judgement when sending the messages.

Irish pleaded guilty to the charge of harassment and magistrates ordered him to pay a total of £461 in costs and compensation.

They also ordered him not to come into contact, directly or indirectly, with the victim.