A POPULAR fish and chip shop has gone bust which has sparked a massive reaction amongst the Worcester News readers.

Ambleside Fish Bar closed its doors on June 22 following a sign that had been placed on the shop front notifying customers that the fish bar has been permanently closed.

The London Gazette announced that the fish bar has gone into insolvency. The information was published online on June 10.


Popular fish and chip shop in Worcester has mysteriously closed down

A funding page was created for the fish and chip shop, in Ambeside Drive, to help the owners raise enough funds to re-open the business.

Deanna Fowler, from Worcester, set up a funding page, however, she removed it a few hours later because of the ‘hassle’ she was getting from the public.

Mrs Fowler said: “Apparently the funding wouldn’t help and there was no way there’s anything anyone could do to get them out the debt.

“I just don’t understand why people are so negative. Simply don’t donate. It’s too much hassle that I don’t need. I think people are only being cautious but still, if they didn’t want to support it there’s no need to be negative.”

Speaking about the fish bar’s closure, Mrs Fowler said: “They hold sentimental memories from myself and my grandad which I have now past onto my children. It would be an absolute devastation to see this happen.”

The closure of the fish bar sparked a huge reaction from the Worcester News readers, with more than 400 comments posted on Facebook from the original story.

Hayley Lewis said: “Gutted. Tony and Andy are staples of Ambleside. Decent hard-working chaps. Been going there since I was a kid and always loved the entertainment show they put on as well as the massive portions of chips and Moby sized fishes.

“They’d always help someone in need. God knows what has happened for this to happen but I’m genuinely gutted and upset for them.

“It wasn’t your average chip shop. Tony and Andy used to provide a virtual comedy show and they knew nearly every customer, even little old me.

“They would always ask how everyone in the family was and be genuinely interested in your response. This had been going on for around 30 years.

“I never thought I’d be emotional over a bloody chippy, but it was much more than that, they were local legends.”

Nazia Begum said: “We should all do a petition or something as they are very good and lovely people.”

Natalie Smith said: “Fantastic chippy. My parents have been going there for as long as I can remember. Tony and Andrew were always great. My dad knows him as a long-term customer.

“I go with my family now too, they know my husband and they always give the kids a lolly. It’s just a great place to go and the portion sizes are never small. So sad for them.”

Sue Bullock said: “We need to do all we can to help this lovely family out. I’ve been going here for years and they are always so kind.

“I’m gutted for them. If they are reading this you have us all behind you.”

Nicola Long said: “Best place in Worcester for quality and quantity. Also one of the hardest, most honest, friendly families in Worcester.

“Never known a time of them not being there. They watched me and my family grow up, my own child and were always taking the time to check on you, all while waiting to be served.

“There is a reason this is the only place in Worcester to have the queues like they did, and I hope they make a quick return. No one will run that place like they did.”


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