A BOXING coach has offered police officers free training sessions as an apology for resisting arrest.

Jonathan Shaw was described by his solicitor as a “highly-strung character” after he had to be wrestled into a police van by several officers and sprayed with pepper spray.

On another occasion the 29-year-old was caught on CCTV throwing a ‘haymaker’ punch at another man in full view of officers, though he denied making contact.

Shaw, of Sansome Place, originally pleaded not guilty to assault by beating, in relation to the apparent punch, and to obstructing a constable and failing to provide details.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service agreed to drop the latter charge and reduce the assault by beating to common assault, which the defendant pleaded guilty to, alongside the obstruction charge.

During the hearing in Worcester Magistrates Court on Tuesday, chair of the bench Wendy Coggan told Shaw he must get a hold on his fiery temperament.

“Boxing is about great control, it’s a philosophy, not just fighting,” she said.

Speaking after the hearing, he said: “I am now focusing on my boxing and coaching career. As a way of apology I would like to offer our police and other emergency service personnel free access to my boxing classes.”

Sarah Heard, prosecuting, said officers on foot patrol in the city centre at 5.15am on April 20 “came upon the defendant squaring up to another man” outside Shakeeys takeaway.

After the altercation had been dispersed, Shaw became “argumentative and refused to leave the area” despite “many attempts” by officers.

Ms Heard said they tried to issue the defendant with a dispersal notice before being forced to arrest him.

The prosecutor said Shaw, who had refused to give his name and address, tried to fight one officer and was “pulling away at every opportunity”.

The court heard it took several officers to get him into a police van but he was “still resisting, kicking and swaying his body”, which was all caught on CCTV.

Ms Heard said Shaw told police: “Take me out of these cuffs and we can box.”

Two days later on April 22, at 3.04am, Shaw was caught on CCTV outside O’Neill’s pub in St Nicholas Street throwing a “haymaker type punch” at Jason Taylor, in front of police.

Ms Heard said in the footage, which was not shown in court, “the punch goes right towards the side of his face”.

But added: “It is debatable. I am happy to accept it may not [have connected] but that gentleman [was forced to] move his face away.”

The court heard that no injuries had been caused by the incident and the CPS had lost contact with the victim “some time ago”.

Shaw’s previous convictions included affray, in which he was sent to prison in 2015 for 16 months by crown court.

He was also convicted of two counts of battery in which he received a suspended sentence, which was never activated.

In September last year he was again jailed for a “matter in France” in relation to crimes surrounding “immigration into an EU member state”.

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Ms Heard said: “There’s a history of violence in the past.”

Chris Aggrey, defending, said the CCTV footage of the officers wrestling his client after he resisted arrest is “shocking to watch”.

He said “one choked him while he was on the floor” and he was left “gasping for breath”, though the police said they were following protocol.

“All that did was trigger him,” he added.

In regards to the common assault, Mr Aggrey said Shaw got into a “bit of trouble” on a night out and after the police dispersed him and the other man, the defendant threw a punch.

The solicitor said the victim had “stealthily” snuck around the police car and “pops out” at the other side.

“Had the injured party not gone round, it would not have happened,” he added.

Mr Aggrey went on to say: “He is a boxing trainer and does a lot good work in the community.”

He described how his client trains underprivileged youths in boxing and travels extensively to exhibitions.

“He enjoys it and wants to continue doing that and perhaps get a business going.”

However, Shaw is not currently earning a living from this and “at the moment he is surviving on handouts from family until he can get more substantial work”.

He added: “He is a very highly-strung character, he is on full throttle most of the time. He has been out of trouble in this country since 2016.”

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Shaw was ordered to pay a total of £580 in fines and costs.

Speaking to Worcester News, he said “everyone makes mistakes”.

“This is an isolated incident that I would like to put behind me. Nobody was hurt. Sometimes things happen in the spur of the moment. Upon reflection, I regret this incident ever happening and I apologise for any time wasted.”

“Justice has been served by the judgment of our courts. They have passed their sentence and I am very happy with the outcome,” he added.

Shaw, like his solicitor, considered the police's methods as potentially "heavy and under-handed" but said he could put that behind him and "would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic job that they do".