HUMAN remains discovered in a Worcestershire village were found at the bottom of a septic tank, it was revealed.

More details about the grisly discovery were given by police chief Damian Pettit at a press conference today.

This discovery is currently being treated as an unexplained death and we will be following many lines of enquiry; included within this is to establish if this is connected to the disappearance of a woman from the village of Kempsey in the 1980s.

Police are also aware there is some speculation that this discovery may be linked to the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh who also went missing in the 1980s.

And he also appealed for anyone worried about a missing person to contact police as officers are checking the missing person database to try to solve the mystery of the bones found in Kempsey on Friday.

Superintendent Pettit said: "The current investigation to review the nature of as to how those human remains ended up in the location they did and to identify who that person is."

He also reassured the public that, although officers are keeping an open mind, they do not believe the remains are linked to a search in nearby Drakes Broughton for the body of missing Suzy Lamplugh.

He added: "I want to offer my reassurance to the people in Kempsey and wider that police are not drawing any link to the on-going Metropolitan Police search in Drakes Broughton."

We revealed that workmen found the human remains during routine maintenance at an undisclosed property in the village at around 4pm.

A post mortem is due to take place shortly.

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers on: 0800555111