STUDENTS across Malvern and Ledbury celebrated their achievements as Thursday saw the release of GCSE results across the country.

Students at Dyson Perrins saw strong performances across the curriculum.

Overall, 67 per cent of students achieved grade 4+ in English and 57 per cent in Maths, with a pleasing number of students achieving the highest award of grade 9.

Among the highest performers were Tom Amos whose results included 6 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s, Freddie Jardine whose results included 3 grade 9s and a grade 8, and Sean Merrick whose results included 2 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s.

Headteacher, Mike Gunston said: "I am delighted for our students.

"These are impressive results and the progress students have made since joining the school is strong once again.

Our staff have worked tirelessly and should all be equally proud."

Hanley Castle High School celebrated receiving its 'best ever results' with one pupil joining a select group of students to achieve the best grade possible in all subjects.

Lily Xia led the way, sweeping the board with ten grade 9s in each of her GCSE subjects.

In 2018 only 335 students nationally achieved this feat.

The Chase headteacher Mike Fieldhouse said he is "proud and delighted" with how his students performed.

20 per cent of all subject entries secured the top grade 8 & 9s (equivalent to A*/A**) with a third of all entries being awarded a grade 7 or above (equivalent to A or above).

The highest performing student was Fabian Sturman who remarkably achieved the top grade 9 across all 10 of his GCSE subjects.

There were other fantastic performances from Ellie Henry who achieved 9 grade 9s and Daisy Mills who achieved 8 grade 9s.

The other students achieving at least 5 grade 9s were Alex Coleman, Gerri Ebenhoeh, Rufus Hubbard-Brown, Annie Cuckney, Alice Russell, Alex Craig and Peter Snelling.

John Masefield High School students were celebrating strong results with last year's target beaten.

A total of 66 per cent of Year 11 students at the school achieved at least 5 good grades including both English and Maths, a rise of 3 per cent on last year's results.

Individual highlights included Ella Lipscombe: Nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8; Daniel James: Five Grade 9s and three Grade 8s; Joseph Fisher: Four Grade 9s and one Grade 8; Caitlin Jenkins: Four Grade 9s and one Grade 8;

Lucy French: Three Grades 9s and five Grade 8s; Rosie Crowson-Jeffrey: Three grade 9s and four Grade 8s, and India Hewitt: Three Grade 9s and four Grade 8s.

There were similar results day celebrations at Newent Community School, where a total of 80 per cent of students achieved grades 4 and over in GCSE English and 74 per cent achieved grades 4 and above in Maths.

Sarah Bilsby achieved five grade 9s, four grade 8s and one grade 7; Isobel Balmer achieved four grade 9s, four grade 8s, one grade 7 and one grade 5; Helen Davis achieved two grade 9s, six grade 8s and two grade 7s; Isobel Dinic achieved two grade 9s, two grade 8s and six grade 7s.