A DAD who became angry after his daughter left home has appeared in court for brandishing a mallet in Droitwich.

The 53-year-old, who we cannot name for legal reasons, was given a community order when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said animosity built up between the dad and daughter after she decided to leave home and move away.

On August 5 the teenager arranged to collect some items and return some things to her dad.

After leaving, Miss Ritchie said: “However, unknown to her she was followed by him.

“He said he wanted back a disc and hair clippers.”

Miss Ritchie said the dad had with him a wooden mallet, which he had concealed, and approached his daughter in a group, in a car park in Farmer’s Way, Droitwich.

Miss Ritchie said the man was holding the mallet below his waist, tight in his hand.

“At this point she said ‘leave me alone, dad’ but he continued to shout and swear,” Miss Ritchie said.

“There was an alleged altercation.

“They drove away to the police station and reported the matter.

“The defendant returned to his home address with the mallet in his hand, with a friend who had spoken to him to calm him down. Along the way he was frustrated, and expressed this by striking lampposts with the mallet.”

Miss Ritchie said the Crown Prosecution Service felt there was a risk of serious disorder during the incident.

Barry Newton, defending, said the mallet was not swung to cause any risk of injury.

“It is an isolated one off incident and highly, highly unlikely to ever be repeated,” he said.

Magistrates gave the man a 12-month community order, with 100 hours unpaid work, and ordered him to pay £100 costs and a victim surcharge of £90.

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