A PLAN to open a taproom next to a brewery has received a mixed reaction.

Malvern Hills Brewery wants to convert a kitchen and lounge area next door to its brewery in West Malvern Road into a fully equipped tap room.

Richard Putley of Cockshot Road in Malvern said the taproom was a “fantastic idea” and the town should be supporting local business - particularly with the news that department store Brays would be closing after more than a century.

Roger Wilkinson of West Malvern Road supported the plan to open a new taproom as a way to “provide a place for local people and real ale enthusiasts to meet and enjoy both conversation and beer.”

The brewery said it needs to have a place to sell its beer due to the increase of smaller breweries opening across the country leading to greater competition. It also said it would not be playing music, selling food, have a television or games machine and would only be selling its own beer.

Some neighbours in West Malvern Road have objected to the plan particularly over concerns about noise, parking problems and extra traffic.

Diana Shindler of West Malvern Road said the taproom would provide “essential support” for an important local business.

Michael and Sally Skeffington, who live in West Malvern Road, objected and said parking was already a problem in the busy road and residents already struggled to park safely near their homes.

Andy Wood of West Malvern Road said the taproom would be “inappropriate” in a residential area particularly with parking and traffic issues as well as continuous and disruptive noise.

He said: “The proposal is fundamentally flawed. It is ill-thought out, riddled with inaccuracies and in the wrong place. That part of West Malvern Road is not suitable for a pub, of any sort. It is largely irrelevant whether it is called a tap room or a brewery tap or a parlour bar; or whether it serves food or lager.

“It wants to serve alcohol in a residential area, on a dangerous, heavily used road, moreover one that has nowhere for clients to park their cars."

The proposed opening times for the tap room would be 6pm to 10pm on Thursday and Friday and 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Consultation on the plan runs until October 7. The application number is 19/00853/FUL.