AN elderly man "got away just in time" when he pulled his dog back from an approaching train, according to a witness.

Trains were delayed in and out of the city following reports of a death at Malvern Link on Saturday morning.

However, it appears there was some confusion between the train driver and the emergency services, and seemingly no-one was injured after all despite police, paramedics and an air ambulance all being deployed.

A notice on the ticket machine at Foregate Street station on Saturday afternoon said: "Due to a fatality, trains will be delayed or cancelled at short notice."

It was understood a man was struck by a train at Malvern Link at around 11am.

However, Terence Stimson, whose homes backs onto the tracks in Malvern, said a elderly man had appeared to have been struck by the train but had walked away unscathed.

"I know 100 per cent the chap and his dog walked away," he told the Worcester News yesterday.

"The dog was not on the lead and the old chap risked his own life to get his dog.

"He picked the dog up then walked away before the driver could find him.

"Because the driver never saw him he presumed the old boy was under the train or down an embankment.

"The response from the emergency services and Network Rail was very justified," he added.

Mr Stimson said the rail crossing in Jamaica Road is "10 metres from back garden".

"No one was killed. One very lucky old man and his dog," he added.