THE following is a round-up of Worcester Crown Court stories featured in the Worcester News last week.

A LORRY driver who crushed a father to death in a motorway crash told the man's family he wished he had been killed instead.

James Giles looked across at the weeping family of Aidan Martin Walsh, including his widow and two teenage sons, and said: "I'm really, really sorry.

A BRAVE woman chased off two masked hammer burglars after they raided her neighbour's home, earning her the praise of a Worcester judge.

Former heroin addict Paul Gurney appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday after he burgled the home in Broughton Hackett near Worcester with an accomplice believed to be a youth.

A DANGEROUS driver who stole a delivery van full of wine was chased by an off-duty police officer, throwing the keys into a garden when cornered.

Ben Wilde drove at speed on the wrong side of the road, attempted risky overtaking manoeuvres, refused to give way at junctions and nearly lost control of the stolen van as he was pursued by the officer and his civilian driver.

A SEX offender claimed 'alien trees' made him download indecent images of children being raped as they were subjected to the most 'appalling' abuse.

Benjamin Partridge of Worcester blamed voices in his head for making him download the images.