For the past fifty years, touring has been a way of life for Fairport Convention.

And the road will bring the band to The Roses in Tewkesbury on

Wednesday January 29.

Fans say the folk combo is legendary for both its mileage and its achievements.

But Simon Nicol, the guitarist and founding member said. “I’m quietly pleased that we have history and a degree of name recognition; but I hope never to trade on it for its own sake."

However, it is perfectly true that the nearly fifty years on from their seminal fourth album, ‘Liege & Lief’, Fairport Convention are on the road again and coming to a town near you, having toured extensively throughout their celebrated career and showing no signs of slowing down.

“I don’t expect anything special over and above what we deserve as a working band in the swim with our contemporaries,” said Nicol.

“We ask fans to judge us for who we are, not who we once were.The adventure of being on-stage playing music became a way of life."