A DEVOTED wife who is providing end-of-life care for her husband says she is struggling to buy food because she can't leave the house and can't get a delivery slot.

Margaret Frazer-Cann, 70, is a full-time carer to her husband, Tony, 71, who she says is on borrowed time after being diagnosed with a grade four brain tumour.

Mrs Frazer-Cann, of Kempsey, said: “I feel totally and utterly helpless. I can’t go out, if I caught the virus and passed it on to him, it would kill him.

“It is all well and good offering the elderly an hour to go out and shop in peace, but we are the ones who are isolating and most at risk, meaning we can’t go out. I have spent hours online trying to get a delivery spot. It is shameful that I cannot get food delivered to me in these exceptional circumstances. I have been told by customer services it is first come, first served. I am desperate for help, it seems utterly impossible to go out and get anything for us at the moment. Thank goodness we have people looking out for us in the community – I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who have no-one to rely on.”

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, said: “I have spoken to my constituent twice this week and signposted her to other ways in which she can get her shopping delivered during this difficult time as there are organisations and people who are willing and able to help.”

Speaking about her husband, Mrs Frazer-Cann said: “We met when he came to Yorkshire to deal with the foot and mouth, nether of us were looking for a relationship but I just knew instantly that Tony was special. He worked for Severn Trent for 25 years, he is an engineer.

“When we moved to Kempsey in 2007 not long after Tony retired and he became a very involved parish councillor, he also joined Worcester Male Voice Choir where he met some of the loveliest people. He is a very loyal man and a very caring man.

“Tony now spends most of his time in a hospital bed, he struggles to stay upright and he is breaking my heart.

“We have to thank St Richards hospice for helping us and of course the wonderful NHS, he is registered blind and he no longer can walk. Tony is on borrowed time, but he is so very very loved.”

Mrs Frazer-Cann said she wants to see more help for people who cannot leave their home to buy food during the coronavirus pandemic. The government says it will help people in that situation.

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