WORCESTER City is holding talks with youth boss Mark Wilcox over plans to bring individual team finances in house.

Director of football Tom Swan revealed his vision to unite each of City’s junior and reserve teams under the club’s banner with the long-term aim of each contributing to and drawing from one pot of cash.

Each team from the under-10s up currently manages its own finances but pays into an overall account for the youth set-up managed by Wilcox and treasurer Andy Jones with figures scrutinised by the Worcestershire FA.

That is separate from Worcester City Football Club Limited, a source of frustration for some supporters in the past.

“There is talk because of the finances of the whole club,” said Swan.

“I know it is something the board wants to discuss, whether or not the youth set-up makes a financial contribution to the whole club.

“Mark told me it costs £25,000-£30,000 per year to run every year, most of that is spent on training facilities.

“They had a very successful tournament at Perdiswell over the summer and raised lots of money from that.

“Each of the teams are run as a separate entity. They get their own sponsorship and currently don’t put anything into the club as a whole.

“We had a second meeting about how that section was running with a view to putting some money into the club without coming to any arrangement.

“In the future I would like to see the money, however it is raised, going into the club and that we don’t have separation within that. Personally, I would like to see it as the club’s money that people are able to put into and draw from."

Asked about potential timescales, Swan replied: “You’re looking sooner (rather than later) but it is only three months since we have taken over, there are lots of people coming up with valid ideas and the new board is working on getting several other things going.

“Once we get back to Worcester and we are able to offer things to parents, it will become a natural thing that everyone has one pot of money.”

Wilcox, formerly a director of City, said: “We have had discussions but at the moment it is staying as it is. There is no immediate plan to change anything.

“It is working really well as it is, I did this where I was before and it has proven to have worked over the past four or five years. It is an ongoing discussion over the funds.”

On his own role, Wilcox added: “Since standing down (from the club’s board), it allows me to spend more time with the youth set-up and getting back to where it was 12 months ago. We are making really good strides.

“I am still involved with the club and meet regularly with Tom.”

On the relationship between City and its youth set-up, Swan added: “Historically I believe there has been a first team and then a youth set-up and never the twain shall meet.

“I see it as Worcester City Football Club, that it should be one club where everyone works towards the same aims.

“I spoke to Mark really early on. At the time I said I was very happy for him to continue because he made the set-up and it seems to be very well run.

“He has a good rapport with people and I know lots of the coaches speak very highly of him. As an organiser he seems very good and efficient.”