WORCESTER Warriors' fans have taken to social media and online forums to express their views on the team selection for Friday's Premiership Cup semi-final against Saracens at Sixways (7.45pm).

TEAM NEWS: Worcester Warriors v Saracens

FAB Rugby‏ (@fab_rugby).

I don’t understand the team selection to be honest from an outsider’s view so would love to understand why Worcester have played a first-team in most rounds to get to the semis and then put a development team out.

AJ Bailey ™‏ (@ajbails).

I can understand that team.

We can’t afford to take the risk of potentially injuring our best players with the Prem coming up straight after. Also a few guy like Wynand and Van Breda need game-time.

Stephen Phillips‏ (@StevePhillipsXV).

Importantly, it’s in the spirit of the competition. Saracens have also picked a similar side. It should be a good close game.

Blu Candlin.

Seems strange we field strong line-ups until we get to the semi-finals, and then we put out a weakened team.

Jack William.

We fielded a strong team the other day because the first XV needed game-time before the Prem resumes after a while off.

Now they’ve had that we’re back to the norm and the way the Prem Cup is expected to be conducted.

Toby Robins.

Having looked at the Sarries team I'm feeling pretty positive. Both a similar blend of, to dig out an old cliché, youth and experience. COYW!

Joshua Crivelli.

Do we not want to win this game then?

Ian Hil.

Feeling a little let down but COYW!

Jonathan Hines.

Would like a stronger side out but ultimately the Prem is priority and we have to stick to that mantra.

Be gutted if we lost key players through injury in the cup matches. This line-up will certainly do a job some great talent there.

Andrew Foster.

Talk about falling at the last hurdle! I hope I’m wrong.

Phil Roberts.

Let’s not be too negative. Similar to the team that played well at Sarries and we have Wynand, a world cup winner, running a team with Waller, a star man from last week and players like Matti Williams, Niall Annett, Carl Kirwan and Coxy.

No slouches versus what will be a young Sarries side.

John Lathan.

First chance in a long time that we have the chance to get to a final and I understand that the final is at Sixways.

Odd line up.


Understandable team selection but frankly a little disappointing, as I do think we have a great chance of getting to a final.

I understand the spirit of the cup competition which was to blood younger players but come the final, whoever is there, teams will field strong sides.

Appreciate one eye on the Prem as far we are concerned but Sarries’ second string is very strong and this selection makes tomorrow evening’s game a difficult task for us even if we have home advantage.


Disappointing selection whilst being understandable. Just can’t understand why such a strong side was fielded to get the semi-final at home and now this selection.

Still, I have everything crossed they do the job.

MSR Worcester.

I'm personally not that bothered about who takes the field. It's a semi-final regardless, they will be motivated to put in a big performance. Saracens are not at full strength either, although they're pack looks better on paper.

Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead.

Five-day turn around made this squad inevitable.

West Brom Warrior.

It’s the correct team. Imagine if we played Weir and Mills and they picked up injuries keeping them out of key Premiership games. The anger would be palpable!