Chris Adams‏ (@cp_adams).

A lot of effort and a class finish from Tom Howe. The guy needs a look-in in the Prem. Sarries just far more clinical and a cut above in like for like quality. Just gutted the club didn't take a chance to make a final. I know it was a five-day turnaround but still very frustrating.

Bob Low‏ (@MarleyLow).

Who expected Warriors to make the semi-final at the start of the season? We also have a quarter-final in Europe to look forward to!

Paul Hopkinson‏ (@PaulHWarrior).

The best team did win (unfortunately), but the Warriors can hold their heads up. They kept fighting and going until the end. It will be good to use this as a training video to see how we can improve.

Martyn Pattinson‏ (@Bigchap27).

We came second on the night. Howe really caught the eye and we have real potential coming through in the backs but we need to beef up the depth in the forwards.

Ian B‏ (@ian_boxall).

No surprise, clearly a game which didn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

Christopher Daplyn‏ (@ChrisDaplyn).

I can see why that team was picked and they did their best but we just lacked something on the night. We could have just done with that little bit more quality on the bench just in case we needed it. Which we did as it turned out.

Phil Roberts‏ (@philrob89).

But HOWE good was Tom! New deal, please. Carl Kirwan played his heart out too. Scrap the loan and bring him home.

FAB Rugby‏ (@fab_rugby).

Butler is a real talent.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

Was always going to be a big challenge and proved to be true. Fought hard, but ultimately the better team on the night won. On to next week.

AJ Bailey ™‏ (@ajbails).

We were poor. Youngsters were the bright spark in that game. Will Butler’s passing and offloads were outstanding. Heaney and Weir changed the game and upped the tempo. Weir’s kick at the end was unbelievable. Just the forwards again for me. Second string have been poor for ages.

If Tom Howe doesn’t get a contract then Solly either has a worldie signed or rocks in his head because that guy can finish! He reminds me of Chris Ashton. He needs to be kept.

Edd Cantle‏ (@EddCantle).

We had a go, should not have been so easy for Sarries but they were a tight unit and defended well. We seemed to lack some structure and the box kicking was not good. A few lineout mistakes as well. It’s good experience for the younger players.

James Tyler‏ (@Tyler_avfc).

The ref was questionable at times but we were out classed. Sarries have some very promising youngsters to keep an eye on! Need to change stats into points and our defence at times was non-existent. Gave it a go and we made it to a semi-final! Some standout players, some not so.

Andrew Page‏ (@PageAndrewJ).

Saracens were good and we were outplayed. However it must be very demoralising when forwards get penalised when opposition should have been.