WORCESTER Royals are gunning for Sunday's play-off semi-finals after finishing the regular season undefeated.

The University of Worcester’s mixed team won all seven games in British Universities American Football League Division 2A South West.

Royals, established in 2008, host Royal Holloway from the University of London at The Moors Playing Field next to Pitchcroft (1pm) after triumphing 26-6 in their play-off quarter-final against the University of East London.

They have already seen off the likes of Bournemouth, Bristol, Southampton Solent, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Gloucestershire and Bath Spa to be promoted to Division 1A South West.

Head coach Josh Chambers said: “I am absolutely delighted with the success the team has had this year.

"When I took over as head coach this year the team also moved into the South West conference.

"We knew we would face some very difficult opponents so to come out of that undefeated is incredible.”

Chambers continued: “The team showed true determination in our first ever play-off game, battling both our opponents and the elements.

"I am very lucky to be supported by a brilliant coaching staff and players. The players deserve every ounce of success.

"The attitude they have shown and continue to show is phenomenal, putting the hard work in for the wins and not getting complacent.

"I could not be prouder of every member of our team and it is great to see how much the programme has developed as a whole.”

Royals' players are dedicated to their fitness and train three times a week as a team and individually hit the gym for strength and conditioning four times.

With 46 people on the squad, around 38 will contribute and take part during each game.

On what advice he would give to aspiring players, Royals chairman David Butler, 25, said: “It’s important to come with the right attitude.

"Positive thinking, team work and dedication to put in extra effort outside the team training is crucial.

“Everyone has played to the highest level this season, they have all been consistent. This season has been Royals history.”

Two women from Holland on a study exchange programme were introduced to the team at the beginning of last season.

This was the first time women had played American football at the university.

Club social media co-ordinator Harvey Duncan, 22, said: “One thing that has been beautiful to see is watching people’s attitude evolve.

"We have had weaker athletes completely turn around and become phenomenal players.

“We have had some amazing star players this year.

"The ones that score the touchdowns are just the epitome of an athlete. They are big, fast, strong players.”

Duncan continued: “By being at university it is great because it enables people to grow as athletes and individuals.

"We have that firm but fair family attitude. We have tough management in the sense that we’re on the ball with things and also we have that family love aspect.

"That is what has driven us ­— we are so much more cohesive as a team this year.

"It helps having that positive attitude towards the sport and players.”

Butler added: “Everything has come into action this year. Our numbers have gone up and the sport is more popular.

“It’s the fastest-growing sport in the UK now. There’s a bunch of initiatives around the country trying to encourage more people to take part in American football.”