“OBSESSED” new gaffer Carl Abbott is not fussed which league Evesham United end up in – and vowed to know either like the back of his hand “within a few weeks”.

The appointment of Birmingham-based Abbott as sacked Paul Collicutt’s replacement last week has many pondering whether the Robins will finally be switched from Southern League Division One South.

United successfully appealed against proposed moves to the Northern Premier League in 2016 and to Southern League Division One Central last summer but Abbott has no qualms over where his new club ends up.

“It has come into my thinking, I was aware of the projections showing us in the Central but that doesn’t affect me really, it would impact a manager from the south more,” he said.

“I have a really good network and knowledge of players, strong contacts and we can be looking to recruit from Cheltenham, Evesham, Worcester – there is a good boy in Stow-on-the-Wold that I will be talking to – and south Birmingham.

“That catchment around Evesham means it does not impact too greatly on our plans whether we end up in the Central or South. I am quite relaxed about that situation.

“As things stand I probably know more about the Central but I am obsessed with football to the point of OCD, within a few weeks I will be able to tell you everything about those clubs in the South as well.”

As well as promising an in-depth knowledge, the new man wants Evesham to become synonymous with a stylish brand of football during his tenure at the Jubilee.

“I like to play good football out from the back, I like the ball to be on the floor and to control games with a healthy amount of possession,” said Abbott.

“I don’t necessarily like the ball just turned around from end to the other because you just end up with 50-50s and I prefer to control where we can, attacking with width and pace.

“On top of that we have to be pragmatic when situations dictate that we can’t play our way. If pitches or circumstances come up then you have to do things a bit differently.

“I have a very set philosophy on how I like my teams to play, though, and we will work very hard on it on the training ground. I hope over the course of time that we have a style of football that becomes synonymous with the club.

“When people talk about Evesham United I want them to say we play very good football and that’s my guarantee to the club, a brand of football that is enjoyable to watch.”