MANAGER Ashley Vincent revealed he had been braced for Tyler Weir’s departure – the second of Worcester City’s star turns to join Evesham United's overhaul.

Weir has been toing and froing since City dropped into the Midland Football League, returning in March from Halesowen Town with a “gentleman’s agreement” for 2019-20.

But Vincent, assistant to then-manager John Snape at the time, explained his switch to the Robins had been anticipated, joining City target Dave Reynolds as part of an influx at the Jubilee.

“Tyler’s was a bit of a strange one,” said Vincent.

“Even when John was in charge we were pretty convinced he would be going to Evesham and that it was a done deal.

“I didn’t get chance to speak to him. That was no one’s fault, we just knew he had a move in the pipeline and when you talk about Evesham and a player of Tyler’s calibre you are not going to get anywhere close in terms of finance.

“I love Tyler. I played with him when I first came out of the full-time game and there is no doubt he should be playing higher.

“Evesham have a fantastic footballer and I wish him every success there.”

Reynolds, who had a couple of cameos for City while finishing the season at Malvern Town, had been wanted by both clubs but found the lure of Southern League football too tempting.

“Dave and I had a conversation, I knew he had offers and that one was from Evesham,” added Vincent.

“He said it had been hard for him to leave (City), he believes in the way I go about things and that we will be successful but felt that playing at the highest level possible was too good an opportunity to turn down at his age.

“He also wanted to put to bed any issues from it not working for him at Redditch.

“Of course it was disappointing. Dave is a proven goalscorer, not only the level but at this club and people sometimes forget that factor.

“There is a pressure playing for Worcester City, the club and its crowds are much bigger than most and he showed he could manage that.

“I appreciate him wanting to play at the highest level possible and the door will never be shut on Dave.

“If it doesn’t work out he only has to call me. If I could do something I would and if I couldn’t I would tell him, that’s the kind of honest relationship we have.

“Alongside Tyler I wish him all the best but to be honest I am sure he will do really well down there.

“I know Carl Abbott is a good guy, I hope he gets it right down there and that Dave scores lots of goals for him.”