MORETON Rangers vice-chairman Martin Jones hinted at a future league change after the Hellenic Two (West) champions were denied promotion.

Manager Nick Timms took to Twitter to vent his anger after the FA confirmed it would not be allowing Rangers to boost the numbers in the 14-team Division One (West) in 2019-20.

The border of the division has moved north with Malvern Town, Hereford Lads Club, Pegasus Juniors and Wellington all drafted in from the West Midlands (Regional) League to make up the numbers.

Clubs from most leagues at Moreton’s level need to apply to go up but Jones said that could not happen due to the Hellenic League’s third tier not being a formal part of the FA’s National League System.

“The problem is we are not in step seven,” said Jones.

“The Hellenic’s two Division Two leagues are technically reserve leagues.

“We came over to it four years ago being aware that we would be stepping out of the system, hoping the league would be adopted as a step seven league.

“Once they have promoted and relegated everyone, we can go to the FA if they still have holes. We would not be promoted, the term is elevated.

“The league supported our application but Division One (West) has been filled with teams from the West Midlands (Regional) League.

“The FA was clearly not inclined to take clubs from outside the National League System and that was that.

“I think the main reason is not allowing teams to jump the queue, they think we should go through a step seven league and apply for promotion to step six.”

Had Moreton competed in the Gloucestershire County League the club would have been eligible to apply.

“We knew when we came across to this league that this could be the situation but for travel reasons we did not want to go to the county league,” Jones added.

“Regularly doing 120-mile round trips at this level of football is a lot to ask the players. We are not a club that pays.

“They have taken Wellington, which is near Wales, into the league compared to us on the doorstep.

"I am sure the other clubs are looking at it and thinking ‘we would prefer to go to Moreton’. That’s not going to be the case this year.

“It is disappointing, especially for the players who have worked hard and want to play at a higher level but you have to accept the FA’s decision and move on.

“Over this season we may look to find ourselves in the right position to get promoted, I can say no more than that.”

In his Twitter thread, Timms said: “How has the FA come to the decision they won’t promote teams from Hellenic League Division Two? Over four seasons we have been in the league at least one team has been promoted. Some of those teams did not even complete the season.

"The FA had the chance to promote us and Bourton Rovers to Division One, which is still two teams short, (and) both would definitely compete at that level.

"Both clubs want to progress to the best possible standard yet have been held back again. We have done (everything) asked of us only to be denied by the powers that be so what is the point?

"We don’t pay our players, all our finance comes from fundraising through the club. Yes we were offered (to play in) the Gloucestershire County League (but) it’s just not viable, 50 per cent of our players are Oxfordshire based and get no travel expenses.

"Travelling away to Gloucester (or) Bristol every other week just would not work for us as a club being right on the edge of the county. Why can’t common sense prevail? All the hard work for nothing."