WORCESTER City Supporters’ Trust will put to members potential alternative sites for a new stadium after admitting there is “no will to bring it back to Perdiswell”.

Trust chairman and club director Dave Wood vowed to keep fighting for the preferred plot which the fans’ group that now owns City has obtained planning permission for.

However, talks with landowners Worcester City Council remain deadlocked due to “political” objections from the Green Party and Conservatives in Wood’s view.

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Worcester Green Party became embroiled in a debate on with fans on Twitter last week, stating they “are not convinced it is a suitable place” and that “there will be other places that work better”, promising to back “any suitable new grounds”.



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City fans then posted pictures of a half-filled car park at Perdiswell where the club says more than 1,000 children played in a youth tournament on the pitches at the site across two days without any congestion or parking problems.





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“We are talking to the council and will be writing to them again for clarity on Perdiswell, we want a final understanding of where we are,” said Wood.

“As far as we are concerned we have the planning permission and want to understand what our options are.

“We have been told there is not a lot of council support for it. They want to bring City home but not at Perdiswell, that has been the mantra all along and it seems to be the case more and more now.

“The last meeting I went to, which was with Labour, Green and Conservatives, was an open discussion but it was all going over old ground.

“There was nothing new or relevant in my view. The Greens appeared to be opposed to it and so did the Conservatives. They made no bones about that during the election, that was their stance.

“It would promote health, community and sport for all in the area but if they don’t see that all we can do is keep asking.

“I don’t understand their position one bit. People start talking about traffic and parking but all of that was dealt with during the planning process, there are no issues with that side of it and we got the planning permission.

“There is just no will to bring it back to Perdiswell. If that’s the case and it is political then that is a matter for them.”

Asked whether that would lead to a change of stance, Wood added: “We will continue to fight for Perdiswell and look at options to bring Worcester City home.

“There will be a number of options coming out over the next few weeks that we’ve been looking at and they will be discussed at a forum for trust members.

“There are some potential options but we are a democratic society and want people’s views to see whether we progress with them.

“We have to be realistic and consider the options we have. I am still very much an advocate of Perdiswell and want to see it come to fruition but we have to consider the political climate.

“That’s not being defeatist, it is just pragmatic.

“It is incredibly upsetting from my point of view. Many years have gone into this.

“There is a big future for the club, particularly on the community side of things and we have done everything needed with planning permission, community ownership and steering the business around.

“All of the board are fans and they want the club to survive. The most important thing is securing the future of the football club and we’d like to do that with the help of the council.

“We will see what they say. We keep going back to them and will keep going back to them but for how long do you discuss things? It just keeps rolling and rolling.”