Edd Cantle (@EddCantle).

Disappointing. We were winning for three quarters of the game but we were not in control. We made mistakes, Chiefs punished us. Chiefs made mistakes and we gained nothing. There was a big difference between the teams tonight. Back to the practice ground for Warriors in the morning!

worcester wizard (@worcesterwizard).

Outmuscled at the scrum, struggled under the high ball and apart from flashes of brilliance from Howe & Shillcock, the backs were taught a lesson in handling and running (and running ahead of the passer and receiver). Far better first half than second.

Sixways Gold & Blue (@SixwaysGnB).

Considering the side Exeter had out, and considering the side we had out at the end (half an academy) very pleased. Also, the White Stripes-themed big screen entrance video is very, very good.

AlexWennen (@WennenAlex).

Feel sorry for the players, especially du Preez as he was immense all game! The score did not reflect the performance!

Rhys Smith (@RhysBigGunSmith).

A fascinating encounter. Plus points – Tom Howe’s hat-trick, Cornell du Preez in defence and scoring a try with a man down. Negatives – couldn’t handle the high ball and struggled to execute our exit strategy with distance. Overall got something to build on.

Jon Davies (@JonDaviesTewks).

Great finishing by Tom Howe and demon tackling by Cornell du Preez..apparently around 30. What a beast. Encouraging team effort against Chiefs’ first-team.

Andrew Neale.

Awesome for 70 minute, however matches last 80 minutes and we were hugely overpowered in the last 10 minutes or so. We took off a lot of experience and brought on the youngsters which changed the game, so I hope that was all part of some great ‘master plan’?

Lucy Bird.

Amazing defence! Score didn’t reflect most of the game! Well done to Tom Howe!

Darren Prodger.

It wasn't a fantastic game. We had to defend heroically yet again and couldn't create a great deal in the second half.