EX-CAPTAIN Brad Birch's social media post calling Worcester City "a laughing stock" provided a talking point for fans on onlookers over the weekend.

Birch's comments were followed by Pershore Town assistant manager Derek Doyle taking to Facebook to suggest City should "get a manager in who knows the level".

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Here is the pick of the opinions.


Roger King: “Unfortunately, they became a laughing stock when they decided to drop down leagues.

“Doesn’t matter who is in charge, City don’t have any money, their own ground or many supporters so, unless a rich benefactor steps in with some money, they will continue to slip into anonymity.

“(As) much as I respect Steve Goode, the chairman, I’m sorry to say he is fighting a losing battle.”

Ashley Brown: “Statistics mean everything and tell the truth.”

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Worcester News

liketoknow: “I think it's fair comment, but we all know that. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but once WCFC lost their home, they lost their identity.

“I can't see a way out of the predicament. Maybe it's time to accept the inevitable.”

Pint of lager: “Derek Doyle’s comment spot on”

keithy: “Whilst no longer a supporter after 50 years of watching it’s clear someone needs to look at the management team and be honest.

“Vincent may be a decent man but neither him nor shape (sic. John Snape, previous manager) have been a success either at lower level football.

“Steve Goode is a white and blue to his bones but the fans want at least a winning team at any level.

“Seems funny now to have followed them home and away for so long but just sad at results.”

Pigwoofer: “Might have been tired after the bug.”

Wolves6969 Wolves6969: “Brad and Derek are spot on.”

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zeke: “Not sure why Pershore Town's assistant manager needs to put his 2p worth forward? Are we really a laughing stock? I think we're are at a level we deserve.

“No money, no ground and a mid-table side. Nothing new there. Some people still think we are entitled to be in a better position.”

oxford: “Agree that it's unnecessary for him to comment. I don't think the club is a laughing stock.

“I think some of the fans who can't seem to grasp what we are now (team that struggles in hopeless league in front of next to no one in someone else's place) are the laughing stocks.

“I have no axe to grind with those who still go, I go myself sometimes but you have to be realistic.

“Why on earth would Reynolds want to come back to us unless someone wanted to pay him a fortune out of their own pocket?”

teej: “Was at a wedding so can't comment on the game but next week's FA Vase match is shaping up to be pivotal.

“Lose this one and some very big questions need to be asked. That's five penalties given away in the last three games for a start, and eight for the season already, or something daft like that?

“Brad Birch is way off beam. It's not a laughing stock by any means. No laughter involved, it's just sad.”

highbury: “Who gives a monkeys(s) what Brad Birch thinks?”